At Least One...

Elizabeth's Photos @ Flickrthing that the rumor mill ground out is true. We are working this Sunday. It's already becoming harder and harder to concentrate on things that I want to do. My brain is already getting tired, and I haven't even been back a full week yet. I need to come up with a daily plan of things that I need and want to do and stuff that I want to research on the computer. I want to start on my third book, be it my poems, battle photos in black and white, flower photos, or my ones from the zoo. I've come to the decision that even if I don't sell any of my work I'm still going to do these projects for myself. I get tremendous amounts of pleasure and satisfaction working on my projects.



The Ol' Rumor...

Elizabeth's Photos @ Flickrmill is grinding out stories that we will be working the next 28 days straight. I really need to get out of here.

On a good note, a coworker has given me permission to scan her photos and play with them in Photoshop. She just had a new baby boy a couple of months ago, and he is so adorable. Then again so are her daughters. It will be a wonderful stress reliever to work on her photos.

I am seriously considering signing up for some type of online class again. I need to have my nose in a book learning something. I also need to make some serious changes in my life. Maybe I've hit a midlife rut. Who knows?



Power Was Restored...

Elizabeth's Photos @ Flickryesterday sometime between Wyrm and I leaving at 1:00 PM and me calling home around 3:30 PM. Yay!! Unfortunately my grandma is still without power and so is my sister. Talk is that it may not be fixed until some time this weekend. My sister left an update on her status and mood on her MySpace page. She is aggravated.

Sure enough Wyrm and I return to work off of our vacation, and it's straight back into ridiculous nonsense. I had to wait on him till 3:30 AM this morning. That's 2 1/2 hours of just sitting here. It's more tiring having to sit for that long and wait. We didn't get home till sometime after 4:00 AM. I'm exhausted today.



No Such...

Elizabeth's Photos @ Flickrluck. "Sigh". Power is still off and now we have to sift through stuff in the freezer and get rid of the food that has thawed. Our county's judge executive has declared a state of emergency. School's been called off so CR is at home today to help mom. Wyrm and I unfortunately have to return to work. Power has been restored to part of our town, but not on our end. Kentucky Utilities company is out working everywhere to fix it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that by the time I get home tonight after work the power will be on. Have to wait and see.


During Hurricane Season...

Elizabeth's Photos @ Flickrit never seems to fail that whenever one of those monstrous storms slams into the coastlines we end up getting some remnants of it, be it severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, or forceful winds. This time is no different. 70+ MPH winds is what Hurricane Ike has sent our way after hitting Texas. Mom woke Wyrm to tell him that a tree limb had fallen on the car, and that it would be

Elizabeth's Photos @ Flickra wise idea to move it. We both crawled out of bed. Wyrm went to move the car, and I went over to CR to see what he was doing with his game on the computer. Lights Out! The power went Elizabeth's Photos @ Flickroff around 10:30 AM and has proceeded to stay off this whole day. My last day of vacation before I have to return to work and the power goes out. At least it has made the day seem to drag by slowly. We've managed to keep ourselves entertained. I went traipsing around town photographing the damage the wind had done, only I can't upload my photos. We've played Skip-Bo, Yahtzee, and Clue. We all finally decided around 12:30 AM to just go on to bed. It is so hard to go to sleep with deafening silence when you're used to fans running. Hoping the power will be restored when I wake up.Elizabeth's Photos @ Flickr


As I’m Sitting Here...

Elizabeth's Photos @ Flickron my last day rewatching season 1 of NCIS, I'm looking back at this past week and so wishing that I had more time on my vacation. "Sigh." I do not want to go back to work. In my mind it feels like I've managed to accomplish quite a few things this week. I've worked on two photo books this week and published them I have to say that  I am very proud and pleased with my work. Even if no one buys a copy, I believe I'm still going to continue publishing my photos and possibly my poetry just for myself. I've managed to relax and enjoy myself. Got to go to the Trail of Tears Pow Wow in Hopkinsville, KY this year. It's the first time I had ever been. I'm happy with my photos that I took, but I do wish they had been a little bit crisper. This past year I've been adjusting my viewfinder for my sight and haven't got it fixed yet. I'm trying to keep from having to use my glasses while shooting. It's looking like I may have to give in though.

The hubby and I have made a pact together to change our eating habits. We're planning to start on Monday. Instead of heading towards the cafeteria or vending machines, I purchased Progresso soups, raw vegetables, and salads. We have got to get this weight off of ourselves.


Yes, I’ve missed some days...

Elizabeth's Photos @ Flickron writing. I've been coming into work and watching episodes of Numbers and Primeval on my iPod. Today I will write though just for the simple fact that I'm done with my episodes.

As I'm sitting here half asleep with my earplugs in to muffle the racket, I'm silently wishing that today was already done. It is my last night of work before I start my vacation and oh how I am so looking forward to it. I've started redoing my Battle of Sacramento book. I like the page layouts of the publisher much better than the previous one I used. I'll continue to use the other program to sell artwork and calendars and such. I'm also planning on redoing my newsletters and printing copies to distribute since I've now replaced my ink cartridge. We've got the Trail of Tears Pow Wow planned for tomorrow. And I would like for us to go out for our anniversary Tuesday. To others this may seem trivial stuff, but to me who works six or sometimes seven days a week on 2nd shift all of these things are projects that I don't get to work on either because I'm here at work or I'm too tired when I'm at home. Now I'll have the opportunity to work to my heart's content on my projects.





Elizabeth's Photos @ FlickrBad Mood. At least it is just my department only today. That means the bathroom will be cleaner, break rooms will be cleaner, less people on production floor. hardly anyone in the hallways, breakroom is practically empty and so on. That is enough to lift my spirits somewhat. I'm just hoping that they don't work us till 3 or 4 in the morning like they did last week. I've got plans for tomorrow.

Grandma will be celebrating her 90th birthday on Sept. 1. Her only birthday wish was that she would like all of her family to be with her, but she wasn't sure if her nerves could handle a big family dinner like we used to do. So my Aunt Jessie and my Uncle Sonn got together and come up with the idea of an open house sort of thing with only cake and punch. No hassle or hustle and bustle of cooking, in and out and whatnot. Only Grandma doesn't now that those two have come up with this idea. It's a surprise. I'm planning on getting up and going. I will of course be packing my camera, lenses, and batteries. Picture fun. Grandma has beautiful flowers in her yard that I am so wanting to get a hold of with my macro lens. Can't wait.

Here lately there has been someone that has been on my mind lately. My friend, Karen, from grade school. I've been thinking about calling, but I usually talk myself out of it. I tell myself that she's just too busy and wouldn't have time to talk or it would inconvenience her. Don't know why I've ended up this way. Just have. I don't even call my friend Tammy that much. I have an issue with talking on a phone, but then again I have lots of issues.




Bad, bad me. I haven’t...

Elizabeth's Photos @ Flickrwritten anything for the past couple of days. There's not really that much to write about. See, I told ya I live a boring and mundane life. I've actually been pacifying myself with downloading the rest of the episodes of Numb3rs to be completely caught up with all of my fave shows. I'm getting ready for the season premieres of Bones, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, NCIS, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: New York, CSI: Miami, and Numb3rs. New to my list of fave shows is Primeval. My husband discovered it somehow and said it look pretty interesting and that we should check it out. I am so hooked! It rates way up there with my other fave shows on leaving me wanting more. Way cool show!

Counting down to my last week of vacation. Can't wait. It's posted to work this Saturday, but we are supposed to have Sunday and Labor Day off. Then for me I'll work 4 days. We don't really have any major plans except for the Trail of Tears Pow Wow at Hopkinsville on Saturday the 6th and our anniversary on the 9th. I'm hoping to sweet talk my hubby into taking me to the Olive Garden.




Let’s See. I wonder...

Elizabeth's Photos @ Flickrwhat will be said to me today for missing yesterday. Yes, I didn't go into work yesterday. The hubby said we didn't have enough gas to go into work and back and no money to get gas with. He then proceeded to give me this ridiculous speech on on how I blew our money during vacation. Yeah, right. Like he didn't help and enjoy it too.

I didn't think work could get any more stupid. I just found out that the computer I use has been moved up two flights of stairs to a different room. I've been saying I needed to lose weight anyway. They are rearranging certain people's hours to try and cut back on overtime, but yet they'll continue to post it for weekend work. Now does that make any sense. Uh, no.